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Bayram, B., Ozkan, G., Kostka, T., Capanoglu, E., & Esatbeyoglu, T. (2021). Valorization and Application of Fruit and Vegetable Wastes and By-Products for Food Packaging Materials. Molecules.

Ilieva, F., Petrov, K., Veličkovska, S. K., Gunova, N., Dimovska, V., Rocha, J. M. F., & Esatbeyoglu, T. (2021). Influence of Autochthonous and Commercial Yeast Strains on Fermentation and Quality of Wines Produced from Vranec and Cabernet Sauvignon Grape Varieties from Tikveš Wine-Growing Region, Republic of North Macedonia. Applied Sciences.

Kostka, T., Empl, M. T., Seiwert, N., Geisen, S. M., Hoffmann, P., Adam, J., Seeger, B., Shay, J. W., Christmann, M., Sturla, S. J., Fahrer, J., & Steinberg, P. (2021). Repair of O6-carboxymethylguanine adducts by O6-methylguanine-DNA methyltransferase in human colon epithelial cells. CARCINOGENESIS.

Ozkan, G., Stübler, A-S., Aganovic, K., Dräger, G., Esatbeyoglu, T., & Capanoglu, E. (2021). Retention of polyphenols and vitamin C in cranberrybush purée (Viburnum opulus) by means of non-thermal treatments. Food Chemistry, 360, [129918].

Rodriguez-Niño, A., Pastene, D. O., Post, A., Yusof Said, M., Gomes-Neto, A. W., Kieneker, L. M., Heiner-Fokkema, M. R., Esatbeyoglu, T., Rimbach, G., Schnuelle, P., Yard, B. A., & Bakker, S. J. L. (2021). Urinary carnosinase-1 excretion is associated with urinary carnosine depletion and risk of graft failure in kidney transplant recipients: Results of the TransplantLines cohort study. Antioxidants, 10(7), [1102].


Aguilera, A., Tereucán, G., Ercoli, S., Cornejo, P., Rodriguez Gomez, M., Uhlmann, L., Guigas, C., Esatbeyoglu, T., & Ruiz, A. (2020). Influence of organic and chemical fertilisation on antioxidant compounds profiles and activities in fruits of Fragaria ananassa var. camarosa. Journal of Soil Science and Plant Nutrition, 20(2), 715-724.

Kostka, T., Ostberg-Potthoff, J. J., Briviba, K., Matsugo, S., Winterhalter, P., & Esatbeyoglu, T. (2020). Pomegranate (Punica granatum L.) extract and Its anthocyanin and copigment fractions—Free radical scavenging activity and influence on cellular oxidative stress. Foods, 9(11).

Kostka, T., Fohrer, J., Guigas, C., Briviba, K., Seiwert, N., Fahrer, J., Steinberg, P., & Empl, M. T. (2020). Synthesis and in vitro characterization of the genotoxic, mutagenic and cell-transforming potential of nitrosylated heme. Archives of toxicology, 94(11), 3911-3927.

Kurt-Celebi, A., Colak, N., Hayirlioglu-Ayaz, S., Kostadinović Veličkovska, S., Ilieva, F., Esatbeyoglu, T., & Ayaz, F. A. (2020). Accumulation of phenolic compounds and antioxidant capacity during berry development in black ‘Isabel’ grape (Vitis vinifera L. x Vitis labrusca L.). MOLECULES, 25(17), [3845].

Ozkan, G., Kostka, T., Esatbeyoglu, T., & Capanoglu, E. (2020). Effects of lipid-based encapsulation on the bioaccessibility and bioavailability of phenolic compounds. Molecules, 25(23), [5545].

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