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Nutrition Physiology and Human Nutrition

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Joisten, N., Wences Chirino, T. Y., Boßlau, T. K., Wasserfurth, P., Hahn, A., Krüger, K., & Zimmer, P. (2023). Older adults with cytomegalovirus reveal increased CD8+/CD4+ EMRA T cells and elevated systemic levels of kynurenic acid. IMMUNOLOGY, 169(1), 113-116.
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Koeder, C., Alzughayyar, D., Anand, C., Kranz, R. M., Husain, S., Schoch, N., Hahn, A., & Englert, H. (2023). The healthful plant-based diet index as a tool for obesity prevention - The healthy lifestyle community program cohort 3 study. Obesity Science and Practice, 9(3), 296-304.,
Lenz, J. S., Tintle, N., Kerlikowsky, F., Badrasawi, M., Zahdeh, R., Qasrawi, R., Hahn, A., & Schuchardt, J. P. (2023). Assessment of the vitamin D status and its determinants in young healthy students from Palestine. Journal of Nutritional Science, 12, Article e38.
Mansouri, K., Greupner, T., & Hahn, A. (2023). Blood Pressure Stability and Plasma Aldosterone Reduction: The Effects of a Sodium and Bicarbonate-Rich Water: A Randomized Controlled Intervention Study. BLOOD PRESSURE, 33(1), Article 2291411.
Müller, M., Kerlikowsky, F., Greupner, T., Amend, L., Strowig, T., & Hahn, A. (2023). Distinct Microbial Taxa Are Associated with LDL‐Cholesterol Reduction after 12 Weeks of Lactobacillus plantarum Intake in Mild Hypercholesterolemia: Results of a Randomized Controlled Study. Probiotics and Antimicrobial Proteins. Advance online publication.
Staufenbiel, I., Adam, K., Hahn, A., Kerlikowsky, F., Flohr, M., Schlueter, N., & Vach, K. (2023). Influence of Nutrition and Physical Activity on Local and Systemic Inflammatory Signs in Experimentally Induced Gingivitis. NUTRIENTS, 15(15), Article 3344.
Ströhle, A., & Hahn, A. (2023). Ossäre Bedeutung von Mineral- und Heilwässern: Physiologie und epidemiologische Evidenz. Osteologie, 32(4), 278-294.
Vosskötter, F., Burhop, M., Hahn, A., & Schuchardt, J. P. (2023). Equal bioavailability of omega-3 PUFA from Calanus oil, fish oil and krill oil: A 12-week randomized parallel study. LIPIDS, 58(3), 129-138.