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Schroeder, S., Schimke, L. M., Bindrich, U., Dewettinck, K., Franke, K., Heinz, V., de Walle, D. V., & Middendorf, D. (2024). Influence of PET as single-use contact material on gloss and surface properties of chocolate. Food Structure, 40, Article 100375.


Franke, K. (2023). Influence of ethanol on migration of water from filling into chocolate shells. Poster session presented at 37th EFFoST INternational Conference, Valencia, Spain.
Kieβling, M., Franke, K., Heinz, V., & Aganovic, K. (2023). Relationship between substrate composition and larval weight: a simple growth model for black soldier fly larvae. Journal of Insects as Food and Feed, 9(8), 1027-1036.


Franke, K., Middendorf, D., Heinz, V., & Bindrich, U. (2022). Alcohol in praline fillings influences the water migration within the surrounding chocolate shell. Journal of food engineering, 315, Article 110805.
Iqbal, S., Tirpanalan-Staben, Ö., & Franke, K. (2022). Modification of dietary fibers to valorize the by-products of cereal, fruit and vegetable industry: a review on treatment methods. Foods, 11(24), Article 3466.


Franke, K. (2020). Automatisierte Feinzerlegung des Hinterschinkens vom Schwein mittels Roboter - Herausforderungen und Lösungsansätze. Rundschau für Fleischhygiene und Lebensmittelüberwachung, 72(12), 407-409.


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Middendorf, D., Heinz, V., Bindrich, U., & Franke, K. (2019). The glossy chocolate bar: How can it be attained using the right mould. Manufacturing Confectioner, 99(August), 86-90.


Franke, K. (2018). Effect of crystal network structures on functionality of fat-based barrier layers and opportunities for their control. In GDL Kongress Lebensmitteltechnologie Gesellschaft deutscher Lebensmitteltechnologen e.V..